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Afterlife Official

Afterlife fuses Irish, hip-hop and street dance styles to modern day music.

Afterlife is the newest group to take the corporate event market by storm!

Afterlife was created and choreographed by James Greenan. and Tom Brosnan.  James, from Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Ireland, has been dancing since the age of nine. During his performance career he has danced with Noctu on Off-Broadway, New York, Footstorm on the West End, London, and is currently principal lead dancer with Riverdance worldwide. Tom Brosnan, from the United Kingdom, is one half of the Irish Dance Fusion Duo – Brosena who starred in the hot show “Flashmob” on the West End, London. He is also a dancer with Riverdance and Heartbeat of Home.

AfterLife is based upon the concept that Irish dancing is an ever-evolving art form. Just as competitive Irish dancing has changed so drastically over the past 40 years, so too has its professional counterpart experienced a similar and ongoing transformation.

The year 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Riverdance, the show that turned traditional Irish dancing into a global phenomenon overnight. Suddenly, Irish dancing was a legitimate art form. The show’s inclusion of tap, Flamenco, Russian folk and contemporary exposed the Irish to varying forms of artistry, thereby inspiring their creative growth and evolution.

This New Age for Irish dancing will aspire to connect with current and future generations in the same way previous shows have, but in a 21st century way.

AfterLife is a double entendre, both in English and in Irish. Everyone understands the concept that the after-life is the great next step where our physical bodies are freed from worldly constraints. No longer bound by the rigidity of structure and rules, we have the opportunity to express ourselves in any way we see fit.

The name Riverdance draws its inspiration from the river Liffey. The Irish word for Liffey is “Life,” therefore, AfterLife literally means, “After the Liffey.” Not only does this speak to our trying to create a life after the show but it honours and pays homage to the fact that our origins are in Riverdance.